Truly Heart Healthy Food

Behind the Food

In October, my husband had a heart attack, and we needed to make some major diet changes to prevent it from happening again.
Since I am the one who does the grocery shopping, and almost all the cooking, I faced a big struggle right away. The level of sodium in just about everything is ridiculous. I found out that even the recipes I thought were healthy, had too much sodium. I jokingly told my husband that my new mission in life was to show that truly heart healthy eating didn’t mean it didn’t taste good.

I may not be a chef, but...

I love cooking and now have a great reason to explore new foods and flavors. I find recipes that look and sound great and modify them so they can be low fat, low sodium, and still taste great.
I welcome you to share your favorite recipes, and I will share them on my site. If they are not low fat and low sodium, I will see what I can do to help make them truly heart healthy.